Business Services

Is your company getting the most out of its systems? Are your computers enabling you to function efficiently? Are they being overloaded with data or a slow running network? Sort I.T. Computer Services can help you get your businesses I.T. services running efficiently and effectively, so you can concentrate on running your business.

We have a growing portfolio of local businesses, who rely on us to maintain their I.T. Systems. We believe that by understanding your businesses needs and requirements, a thorough "future-proof" I.T. solution can be established.

Business I.T. Support

With a preferential business technical services rate, we can ensure that your I.T. equipment will operate at peak performance.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Utilising onsite and offsite server technology, including NAS Storage and cloud computing, you can operate safe in the knowledge that you businesses valuable data is protected and recoverable.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

Businesses are used to hardware and software depreciation, however it is not always necessary to buy expensive new equipment or products. Utilising the high quality ex-lease hardware and wholesale software from our suppliers, we can provide you with business class products at affordable prices.

Network Support

From making sure your staff are able to access data and email at a business standard speed, to office-wide wireless installations, Sort I.T. Computer Services can ensure you have complete network support.

E-mail & Website Support

With extensive knowledge on website management and support, we have the ability to advise and assist with e-mail and website technology.

We can complete a site I.T. audit with a view to providing you with support and a long term plan for your I.T. Infrastructure.

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