About Us

Sort I.T. Computer Services was founded by Jason John in 2009. With over 10 years experience as an IT Professional, including experience as a Systems Manager for an international company, Jason has worked in the UK and The Netherlands. His expertise range from fixing single desktop PC's to project managing a company move into a new location. He has a proven I.T. and media track record that includes experience in Website design and management, as well as video editing software that can produce full chapter DVD films.

Having moved with his wife to her native Alexandra, he finds himself enjoying the 'warmth' and openness of the Central Otago region, the added bonus is the chance to explore the full beauty of New Zealand.

"A millionaires lifestyle, without having to be a millionaire" - A quote from a customer discussing what it is like to live in Central Otago.NZ Map


Computers are now so much a part of our lives that when they do not function correctly we are at a loss.

Sort I.T. Computer Services ensures that all customers get a complete package with regards to quality of work, price and satisfaction.

We feel that it is a customer's right to expect us to turn up on the day and time that we promise, and to receive a clear and understandable explanation of what is the problem with their equipment.

Our prices are set so that we charge you only for work that we have completed and not for just turning up. We will advise if the work can be done in our workshop, there-by saving you money on the time spent fixing the problem.

We source all our purchases from reputable NZ based wholesalers, so that we can offer you equipment at an affordable rate.

The company goal is to simplify computing for the home user, enable the regions businesses to maintain and progress with the changes in technology and ultimately to help them utilise the true potential of computers.


We care about our environment and the future for our children, E-waste is the toxic legacy of our digital age and our waste electronics are polluting drinking water and harming ecosystems around the world. We take an active interest in ensuring that old computers and electronics are safely disposed of and are happy to take away your old products for a small fee.